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About the Author


In the early 1960's, my Grandfather started a tradition of giving each of his grandchildren 3 Silver Dollars for Christmas. I was hooked immediately and I've enjoyed numismatics ever since.

In the early years, I primarily collected coins that I found in circulation, but my Silver Dollar collection grew by at least 3 coins per year thanks to my Grandfather.  When I was in High School, I attended an auction, and won a 1904S U.S./Philippine One Peso coin. It was not a stellar piece by any standard, yet I was fascinated by this Silver Dollar sized coin with the split personality. Enamored as I was, these coins were not easy to come by. They were not promoted, and not often seen at coin shows, so my collection of U.S. Philippine coins did not grow, and my interest lay dormant.  Fast Forward 30 years to the day I did my first search for this series of coins on the internet. My interest was instantly revived, and my wallet has suffered ever since. My collection of certified U.S./Philippine coins is now nearly complete and can be viewed at the NGC Collectors Socitey.

One of my earliest purchases was the autographed 4th Edition of U.S./Philippine Coins by Lyman L. Allen.  I always obtained each new edition as soon as it was published, and I was very pleased when I was offered the opportunity to become the editor of the 8th Edition. 

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